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Why “Roots of Fire”? Just as the history, culture, and music of Louisiana aren’t easily explained in one quick synopsis, neither is the name “Roots of Fire”. But we will do our best to try.


Roots: At its core, the documentary is based in the roots of Louisiana French music, from its deep historical importance to its rich musical traditions. The roots of family and ancestry, racial divisions and cultural development. It’s American Roots music seeped in the tradition of Louisiana’s Cajun and Creole communities. La La music. Zydeco music. Cajun music. Each grounded in their own traditions, sometimes blended, but individually their own.


Fire: A living metaphor for Louisiana. A hot state with hot food and fiery, passionate people. Fire is all encompassing, spreading, and enveloping all that’s around it. Music from Louisiana spreads and grows, ebbs and flows across generations and communities. At the same time, an acknowledging symbol of the trials and tribulations forced upon the communities who created this music and keep it living.

Louisiana French music has deep cultural and historical roots fraught with hardship, longevity, and resiliency. That’s why we chose “Roots of Fire”.

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